Celebrities with hair replacement

Celebrities with hair replacement

Celebrity hair replacement up-date 2011

•This section is on celebrities who have had hair replacement and what they have had done. Many consumers get the idea that celebrities must have something special. In most cases the answer is that they are wearing a customised hair pieces (sometimes called a unit) glued on the head. The technology is sound and the results can be quite good however the marketing and the sales process in most cases is rather deceptive. Latest descriptions for this system is non-surgical hair replacement, non-surgical hair transplanting, hair strand by hair strand, cosmetic follicle replacement and the best of all non-surgical dermatological epidermis application.

We have broken down the celebrity list into hair piece hair replacement and hair transplant procedures.

Customised Hair pieces

Australia – Many Australian cricketers have undergone the hair unit system these include Greg Mathews, Graham Yallop, Doug Bollinger, Ricky Ponting and recently Shane Warne after laser therapy failed. Some Australian rules footballers have also had this technique done, these include Brent Guerra, David Hale with Billy Brownless having a go at it but not liking the procedure so he removed it.

New Zealand – Martin Crowe another cricketer.

United Kingdom – Graham Gooch, Austin Healey

Hair Transplant Procedures.

The most famous recently is Wayne Rooney. A large procedure, which was performed well from a noted surgeon in Harley St London.

Others rumoured as to having a hair transplant are Mel Gibson, Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone.

There will be many more celebrities who have either had a hair transplant or are on some form of medical treatment. As these techniques are dealing with growing hair it is very hard to pick it though. Remember that the ones that advertise for hair loss companies generally are in hair units and are getting paid for it.